Ederly couple hugging

The Love Dilemma, Feeling vs. Decision

Today I want to dive into a fascinating discussion: Is love primarily a feeling or a decision?

In the world of matchmaking, I’ve seen countless couples come together, each with their own unique love story. Some speak of love at first sight, the electric chemistry, and the butterflies in their stomachs. For them, love is all about that overwhelming rush of emotions—a feeling that’s simply too powerful to ignore.

But there’s another side to this story, one that often gets overlooked. Love can also be a conscious decision, a series of choices that people make every day to nurture, sustain, and grow their relationships. It’s about commitment, effort, and choosing to stand by your partner through thick and thin.

So, which is it? Is love a feeling that sweeps you off your feet, or is it a deliberate choice to build a life together?

Let’s take a closer look:

The Feeling of Love:
  • When we first meet someone special, there’s often an undeniable spark. It’s that rush of excitement, the fluttering in your chest, and the desire to be near them.
  • Love as a feeling can be spontaneous and intense. It’s what makes those early stages of a relationship so exhilarating.
  • It’s the chemistry, the attraction, and the deep emotional connection that can’t be forced or manufactured.
The Decision to Love:
  • Over time, that initial whirlwind of emotion may settle into something deeper and more enduring. This is where the decision to love comes into play.
  • Love as a decision is about choosing to invest in your partner, to prioritize their happiness, and to work together as a team.
  • It’s the conscious effort to communicate, understand, and support each other. It’s the commitment to weather life’s storms together and emerge stronger.

Here’s the thing: Love is not an either/or proposition. It’s a beautiful and complex blend of both feelings and decisions. In the early stages, those intense emotions can be the catalyst for forming a bond. However, for love to truly flourish and withstand the test of time, it often requires a series of conscious choices and actions.

So, the next time you find yourself pondering the nature of love, consider this: It’s not just about how you feel, but what you’re willing to do with those feelings. Whether it starts with a spark or a conscious commitment, love is a journey—one that’s worth every step.

Warm regards, Florent Raimy